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“Pia knows how to facilitate diverse constituencies and get the best from every participant.  I watched her lead our school marketing, PR and Admissions function during tough economic times.  She excelled!  Our school excelled.  We won!!”
Private School Board Member

“The dramatic improvements to our institution during General Hobgood’s tenure will endure forever.  He knows how to get the best from people and he knows the private school world.”
Alumni and Major Donor

“Dr. Crandell assisted our school with the most professional audit of the Admissions and Public Relations functions.  Her insights were consistent and focused, helping us to make difficult decisions and achieve our vision.  She is the best.”
Board Member, K-8 Private School

“General Hobgood is an outstanding person who knows how to make private schools effective and efficient.  This is critical in today’s competitive environment.”
President, Parents’ Association

“Pia Crandell is an exceptional educator – from statistical analysis to vision setting and implementation, she is the best I know!  Her insights are based on sound theory and successful practice – a great combination.  Dr. Crandell is a professional!”

“Mack knows every aspect of the private school business and is an exceptional leader and facilitator.”
Board Chairman, Private Boarding School


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